If you want to add a little personalization to an already gorgeous gift, a cute way to do this is to add a present topper. This can be anything from a sprig of leaves, to a flower, to a small gift that works better on the box than in the box.

Here are some ideas of how to find your inspiration:  

  • What is the baby shower theme?
  • Do the parents have any stand out hobbies that they might want junior to take up?
  • What time of year is the baby being born? A small holiday ornament with the year of baby’s birth would be a festive way to add a little personalization.
  • Fun stories about the parents? Maybe they met at college? You could add their alma mater pennant
  • Want the baby to see your face or your family every day so they get to know you even though you might not live close by? Add a small silver-framed photo to the top of the box. 

Here are some of the ones we created that go with the theme of the box

Wave Rider

Unicorn Fairy Tales

Totally Tropical

Pink Roses

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