They say ‘sorry’ is the hardest word to say, but so can ‘thank you’ be… when you have a new baby, mom-brain and haven’t slept in what feels like weeks!


We thought ahead - steal a sentence from us and we won’t tell a soul!


1) Dear [insert name here]

Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts you sent to welcome baby [insert baby name(s) here]

These beautiful [insert products here] will come in extra handy when we don’t have time to do a.n.y m.o.r.e laundry! Who knew babies produced so much laundry??

We will think of you every time we swaddle our little [insert baby(s) name here]

We can’t wait for you to meet [him/her/them]


2) Dear [insert name here]

Thank you for the generous gifts you sent for baby [insert baby name here]. We were beyond moved by your thoughtfulness. We will get so much use out of all of the items in the beautiful box and we are looking forward to creating memories with [insert baby name here] and storing some of [his/her/their] keepsakes in the memory box for us to share with [him/her/them] as [he/she/they] get older.


3) Dear [insert name here]

Thank you so much for the wonderful baby gifts! The very fact that you are getting a ‘thank you’ note from us will serve as evidence that we are surviving and thriving in the first weeks of parenthood! We would love for you to come meet baby [insert name here] and we might even stay while you hold [him/her/them]! We have the hand-sanitizer ready.

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